Eye Hospital in Alwar

Jagdamba eye hospital in Alwar and Sri Ganganagar


Inaugurated by the ex-Prime Minister Shri P.V. Narsimha Rao in 1993, Jagdamba eye hospital in Ganganagar has evolved into tertiary eye care multi-specialty and has been providing world-class eye care services since its inception. And not only this. Our eye hospital in Alwar is equipped with same advanced facilities. You can get the best eye care advice and guidance with the help of latest technology and state-of-the-art of equipment. We ensure you with all the latest advice from our team of well trained and qualified eye specialists. Our facilities include an out-patients department, in- patient care and operating theatres.
With over 3.5 lakh successful surgeries under our supervision and more than 15,000 surgeries performed every year by our dedicated doctors who are vastly experienced in treating severe ophthalmologic conditions, we assure you with complete and perfect care for your eyes. eyes. Reputed to be one of the of the best eye hospital in Alwar, Jagdamba brings along new set of solutions for complex of vision problems.

Patient education

Patient education is the procedure by which wellbeing experts and others provide data to patients and their parental figure that will change their wellbeing practices or enhance their wellbeing status.

Jagdamba eye hospital is committed and dedicated towards patient education & awareness. It includes preventive education, health promotion & diseases specific education. It helps in understanding of medical condition; overall it increases compliance, outcome, and utilization of resources, satisfaction & referrals.

Our supportive services

Our counseling department will assist the patient regarding schedules for medication and surgery. They help patients make understand the process of tests and surgery and even assist them in preparation of insurance claims.

We have clinical laboratory facilities available in the hospital. Most preoperative tests are done in our laboratory before a complex surgery like Lasik eye treatment in Ganganagar. Patients can also get access to prescribed medications available in the pharmacy. They can also get latest glasses and frames available in the counter.


Covering a service area of 250 km undertaking lakhs of population in Sri Ganganagar and Hanumangarh district, eye hospital in Alwar and Ganganar have necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern eye care, essential for the diagnosis and treatment of various eye disorders including sophisticated laser delivery systems and ultrasonographic instruments.

With our 100 bed hospital facility, we also provide specialised consultations in ENT, general medicine, Dermatology and Dentistry. Our sophisticated operation theatres meets international standards in performing a variety of micro surgical procedures. We also have good and sufficient no of bed facilities for treatment to general and post-operative cases. All the diagnostic and treatment facilities at our hospital are made available to the patients under one roof with most competitive pricing policy.

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