Phaco Training

Acquire the Phaco training from the talented doctors and get ready to test your skills



Jagdamba Eye Hospital provides a comprehensive hands-on Basic Phaco Training for 3-4 weeks. This short duration training would provide the confidence and ample knowledge to the surgeons who will be able to undergo a surgery in an individual manner. Our advanced faculty and modern instruments are there to teach and learn all the required techniques for a trained Phaco surgeon. With our supportive and friendly environment, we assure you a personalized training from the most enthusiastic staff and experienced professionals who would provide you with a holistic training altogether.


The course duration to undergo Phacoemulsification, S.I.C.S. training is four weeks which is available throughout the year. The trainee can further opt for the course of Advanced Phaco after having been trained in the Basic version.

The most crucial course requirement for Phaco training is that the candidate should be an S.I.C.S. surgeon. The trainee will get one-on-one explicit training from our experts with a feedback by them. The training is extensible other than regular 24 working days with an added minimal fee.

Study of Machinery:

• Ultrasonic Handpiece
• Phaco tips
• Pumps (Peristaltic pumps, Vacuum Pumps, Venturi Pump)
• Foot Switch
• AMO Cold Phaco Machines (Compact)
• Zeiss surgical microscope used in training

Course Highlights:
• An introduction with thorough observation over the machines that are to be used.
• Performing a wet lab training on goat eyes for 2-4 days
• Observe and assist in performing surgeries or undergoing individual surgery if the candidate gets skilled enough
• Full access to video, library and regular classes.
• A step by step mapped process of Phaco training
• Our course also includes ACCOMMODATION and FOOD facility within the institute premises


The trainees will be evaluated at every stage of course by the supervising surgeons as per our defined procedures and a logbook of every day’s performance will be prepared to scrutinize daily progress.

All the training candidates will receive a signed Certificate on the course completion by the Director in the prevailing format.

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