What is Paediatric Ophthalmology?

It is a subspecialty of the branch of ophthalmology which concerns eye disease in children. At Jagdamba, we deal with various complicated ophthalmological conditions in children. Our extensive eye care unit along with a regular check-up for near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism, our specialists take special care in a child’s eyesight.

What eyesight problems are generally seen in a child?

• Squint: Also called strabismus, is a condition of misalignment of eyes. It can be congenital or acquired. It generally happens when eye muscles do not work in balanced ways and have no coordination in their movement. This condition however leads to Amblyopia or Lazy Eye. In long run it effects some activities like sports or driving etc. It is of two type- Convergent and Divergent.

• Amblyopia: This is another name for Lazy Eye which basically originates in a child who previously had squint eye. In this condition the brain cannot interpret the message from eye.

• Cataract: This is the clouding of eye. Though heard mostly in old age, it can arise in children as well. This condition arises when the child has suffered from some awful eye injury or is congenital

• Retinopathy: It happens in babies, specifically the ones born prematurely. In this the eye vessels are disordered. The eye vessels may not be fully matured or scarred. This leads to vision lost.

• Nystagmus: This condition refers to some rapid involuntary movement of eye. It can congenital.

What care do we provide to your little one?

• Treatment or Surgery for Squint: The earliest possible diagnosis is very helpful. Eye exercises, spectacles with prisms can be used to treat the affected eyes. Even specific eye glasses or contact lenses have proven to treat the squint eyes in a better way. For some extreme cases, our specialists also perform the Squint surgery.

• Amblyopia Treatment: It is basically treated with specific eyeglasses, eye-drops, Vision therapy, eye patching (weak eye is patched for the weaker eye to focus better).

• Cataract Surgery: The traditional surgeries are provided with much care and advance technology for the children with cataract eye.

• Nystagmus treatment: Generally a surgery is undertaken. But, some Botox treatments can also help by paralyzing the ocular muscles.

• Retinopathy treatment: When detected early can help in effective treatment. Its treatment includes cryotherapy that freezes the damaged vessels. We also perform Laser photocoagulation to seal the retinal borders.

Why are we the best?

At Jagdamba, we run myriad tests and diagnosis for children to check for specific eye disease in them.

All the services and technology that we use are state-of-the art taking extra care towards the eyesight of a child

Treatment of general eye problems like Conjunctivitis or allergy are also a part of our exclusive services.

Our doctors are highly specialised with years of experience in the field and are always keen to undertake any latest medical update for giving you a better treatment.

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