Optometrists are those physicians who test and remedy any vision problem. With the demand of competent optometrists on the rise, Jagdamba Eye Hospital comes equipped with all the essential programs for an optometrist to learn and enhance their practical skills and professional knowledge. All the latest machinery are studied and practiced with for the professionals to learn better ways of examining patients, diagnosing vision problems and even educate them about some caring tips. Our expert specialist make sure that your training is successful with the trainee getting a hands-on experience in every aspect of the program. Any candidate with an Inter passed degree can undertake the said program.

About the Course

We provide the training for the Optometrist and Ophthalmic Assistants with a Diploma in each. All the candidates with an eligibility of Inter passed are liable to apply for the course.

A trainee having taken the intensive training will be able to:

• Impart eye health education among the masses.
• Assist the Ophthalmologists across all major hospitals spread along various districts or states.
• Treat Refractive errors
• Perform a diagnostic procedure

How will it prove beneficial to the trainee:

• The trainee gets to work in a professional environment under the guidance of experienced doctors or specialists.
• The candidate can pursue higher education with graduation and post-graduation in the field.
• They will be able to work as Ophthalmic Nursing Assistant, Assistant Sales Manager, Ophthalmic Assistant, Medical Receptionist or Ophthalmic Consultant.
• The candidate’s skill will prove helpful in Medical colleges, Research Labs, Medical writing, personal clinics, Pharma companies or nursing homes.

Course Highlights:

• An introduction with thorough observation over the machines that are to be    used.
• Intensive training schedule with hands-on experience with every technology or therapy
• Complete access to Ophthalmic optic labs and medical lab procedures
• Full access to video, library and regular classes.
• A step by step mapped process of training
• A thorough study of developmental and primary optometry


The trainees will be evaluated at every stage of course by the supervising surgeons as per our defined procedures and a logbook of every day’s performance will be prepared to scrutinize daily progress.

In House training will be followed with all the training candidates receiving a signed Certificate on the course completion by the Director in the pre-defined format.

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