Jagdamba Eye Hospital is a super speciality eye care facility that offers world class modern diagnosis, therapeutics and rehabilitative services of superior quality. Based in Bhiwadi and other locations across the country, it is one of the leading eye care service provider in India. Since its beginning, it has valued all the patient oriented methods and advance techniques with precision, accuracy, loyalty and integrity. With a competent and experienced team of Ophthalmologists from all over India, thousands of successful and safe operations have been performed for all age groups. With our latest and advanced treatments and technology at hand, we have been serving lakhs of patients from around the world with a great efficiency.

Our leading Technology

Our state-of-the art operation theatres, speciality labs and day care centres provide all kinds of sophisticated and modern facilities for your comfort.

Providing a range of eye care services from cataract surgery, implanting leading brands of lenses (Monofocal, Multifocal and Toric) to Phacoemulsification, we are equally apt in performing Glaucoma and Retinal transplant and therapy.

Whether you are looking for Lasik Operation (Laser eye Surgery) for removing glasses or a blade free cataract surgery, Squint treatment or some major operations, Jagdamba Eye Hospital is a one stop solution for all your eye related issues.

Our Dedicated Staff

We know how to take care of our patients with our firm and everlasting commitments that surmises to be the core of all our services. At Jagdamba Eye Hospital every doctor and every staff prime focus is on the patient’s needs and with our knowledge, compassion and honesty, we treat all our patients with utmost care, to deliver a lifetime of satisfaction.

Our global standards of treatment and high quality of eye care makes us an outstanding institution in itself. Avail all the solutions for each of your problems under one roof with Jagdamba Eye Hospital.


Our Super Speciality Services

Glaucoma Treatment

It is called the silent “thief of vision” because of its no early symptoms. Even in some unusual conditions, the eye pressure rises over a short time to some higher level and the patient experiences severe pain in the eye, has redness around the eye and halos around light. Its early detection is its key to prevention. Vision loss from Glaucoma is irreversible but this vision threatening damage could be forfeited with our proper medication and a timely surgery.

Retina Treatment

Surgery is the ultimate solution for a retinal tear or a detached retina. Consult an Ophthalmologists and repair the hole or detachment. A laser surgery (photocoagulation) and Freezing (Cryopexy) are the two advanced procedures that can prevent your retinal detachment and preserve your eyes.

Cornea Treatment

Cornea is the outermost protective layer of the eye. It is susceptible to all the polluted conditions like dirt or germs outside. If you are suffering from pain, a blurred vision, tearing, sensitivity then do not delay your treatment and consult our specialist today.

Cataract Treatment

With the onset of cataract in your eyes, the lens gets clouded and your vision is severely affected. It could be detected when the vision gets blurry and when you experience too bright a sunlight. With our quality cataract surgery with no blade involvement and the resulting care, cherish the new and clearer vision in your eyes.

Lasik Treatment

Correct your eyesight with no age restriction with our superior LASIK eye treatment and great surgeons. Now don’t burden your eyes with spectacles any more. Go for LASIK and feel a new you.

Paediatric Ophthalmology

Childhood blindness and low vision is a significant problems in many children since infancy. We at Jagdamba, ensure your child’s clear vision and a complete cure at an early age.