Why Do You Need a Regular Eye Test?
Regular eye exams are an essential part of your entire health check-up. These tests can truly bring out the current state of your health and can even help in timely or early detection of any disease development. While you are thinking
about the “best eye hospital near me”, We at Jagdamba with our experienced team of doctors, aim to provide complete health care for your eyes with our advanced technology and years of expertise. It is recommended for all the people, with or without an eyesight problem to take an eye examination periodically because a change in the glasses or normal eye exercise is sometimes just not enough.

Different Eye tests that we undertake
Jagdamba Eye Hospital takes great pride in declaring that we work upon various latest and modern tests that can detect and cure any illnesses of eye.
• Visual Acuity test
It is conducted to detect the sharpness in your vision. It is generally done with a projected eye chart that measures your eye from near or far distance.
• Colour Blindness Test
A comprehensive eye exam to check the colour vision of your eyes. This test can detect any hereditary colour blindness that is persisting.
• Cover Test
Generally done to detect Strabismus or Amblyopia, it checks how a single eye works when one is covered with an object. It is done to check whether the open eye can fix on the given target.
• Ocular Motility Testing
It is done to check how fast your eye movement along with a moving object is. The head is held fixed and the eye movement is followed.
• Stereopsis Test
This test checks the depth perception of any object specifically the 3D objects with the help of “3D glasses” and test patterns.
• Retinoscopy
This test is done to check for eye glasses prescription. Performed in dimmed lighted room, the patient is made to stare at large target and light is focussed to detect correct lens power for him.
• Slit Lamp Exam
This test is performed in front of a slit lamp to check the structure of the eye. It examines the cornea, conjunctiva, iris and lens and can detect deadliest of eye diseases.

When to take an eye exam?
The frequency with which you need to visit your specialist depends on your age as well as your urgency,
A child below 5 years needs a regular check-up to detect any development of eye disease like Squint, Amblyopia etc.
From teenagers to adults, it is required to have a regular check up to be apprised about the general health. Mainly, the near or far-sightedness are the arising problems at this stage.
Adults of 40 or above years of age should take an eye test every year.
Aged people of 65 years or above should get examined more often because of the possibility of Cataract, corneal disorders etc. and may need to undergo laser eye surgery.
Patient of Diabetes, Ocular Hypertension or Glaucoma should undergo a regular check-up every year.

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