What is a Computer Vision Syndrome?
The long working hours on your computers or laptops can take a toll on eyes. This prolonged exposure to the screen can cause fatigue -ness, pain or discomfort and headaches occasionally. Don’t neglect the symptoms and contact us for a better eye care today.

Symptoms you should look for
During Computer Vision Syndrome, a person can detect
Eye Strain
Blurred or Double Vision
Dry or Red eyes
Irritation in eyes
• Back or Neck pain
These symptoms vary from person to person depending on their level of work and the time they spend before screen. It’s not only a problem with adults, even kids who spend more time before computer suffer with such problems.

Our Diagnosis
Our comprehensive eye examination can help in perfect diagnosis of Computer Vision syndrome with special emphasis on visual requirements of a computer.
History of patient: We look for any specific medical condition that the patient is suffering from or is under any special medication at the moment or if it is the general problem from viewing computers for a long time.
Visual acuity measurement: We undertake such measurements to check the extent of damage cause by the rays.
Eye Test: We perform a regular check up to view the refraction and prescribe an appropriate lens for it.
Eye Focus Test: This test will help in checking out the movement of eyes and focussing them clearly on a single image. These tests are generally performed with or without the use of eye drops.

Our Treatment
Jagdamba Eye Hospital with our expert team of ophthalmologists can help in curing your computer vision problem with appropriate therapy and consultation. Our modern techniques and advanced technology can work out the problem for your eyes keeping in view your individual vision needs.

How to avoid a Computer Vision Syndrome?
Wear the glasses or the lenses as prescribed for general use or your routine activities. These special lens design, lens power can help in providing you an optimal vision.
Donot use the lenses for more than 12-14 hours a day.
Lubricant eye drops could be used in reducing the burning sensation or itching in the eyes but only after the proper consultation from a specialists.
A proper posture and lightening condition is essential when you are working on a computer. Maintain a minimum distance between your eyes and the screen
Try to anti-glare screens if you are not comfortable with glasses. These filter decrease the amount of light reflected from the screen.
Follow the 20-20 rule. If you work for 20 minutes on the screen then look outside for about 20 seconds to rest the eyes.
Blinking can help in avoiding a dry eye as it keeps the surface of your eye moist.

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