Jagdamba eye hospital: Bhagha Purana – Moga (Punjab)

Jagdamba hospital for eye care is a leading eye hospital and eye care provider in India. Since its inception, Jagdamba eye hospital has been guided by patient centric values of efficiency, precision, compassion and integrity.

Jagadamba eye hospital is been driven by the mission to provide best eye care to all and thus for this it has handpicked a team of best doctors and eye surgeons from across country. country. Located on state highway, our eye hospital in Moga is spread over more than 1 Acre of land and covers a total area of 13500 sq feet and has been among the largest provider of eye care in Bhagha Purana, District, Moga (Punjab).

With our 35 bed premier arrangement, having two full time Consultants (ophthalmologist) and a staff of 20 in total, we provide our eye patients with latest world-class treatment at an affordable cost.

Our Specialties and Treatments

Jagdamba eye hospital have one of the most up-to-date eye testing centres in Bhagha Purana district of Punjab where we offer a comprehensive eye check-up through a smooth functioning series of eye examinations.
Apart from providing regular eye care services we are also competent in providing cataract surgery, implanting leading multinational brands of (Monofocal, Multifocal, Toric) lenses. Also, along with Phacoemulsification technique we also provide glaucoma and medical retina services. Consultants from various other specialties like Orthopaedics, ENT and medicine do visit hospital on a regular basis.

At our eye centre in this district we provide our patients with hygienic and aesthetic environment. We avail them our best yet affordable treatments and experienced ophthalmologists who clearly with patience understand their unique eye care needs.
Some of the eye treatments that we specialized in are Cataract eye treatment, Glaucoma eye treatment, Oculoplasty & Ocular Oncology, LASIK and Refractive surgery, Retina and Uvea services, Cornea services, Diabetic Retinopathy, Squint (Strabismus) and much more.

Our hospital and doctors

At our eye hospital in Moga, our eye surgeons and ophthalmologists are well trained with years of expertise. They excel in their respective fields and are competent to cure even the complex vision disorders. Our physicians are trained and are fully knowledgeable with the latest diagnostic and surgical technologies.
With our state- of- the-art operation theatre, we excel in maintaining a high standards of sterility protocols. Our hospital runs its own medical and optical shop within the premises as well.
Our hospital devoted to eye care, has more experienced team of nurses, staff, and technicians who are better qualified at handling routine eye care, eye surgeries, and also eye emergencies. Our hospital staff members are trained to be extremely responsive and very sensitive to patient needs. They are also experienced to work as a team to deliver the best care possible.
Our hospital is equipped best ophthalmic equipment from some of the world’s leading companies. We have a state-of-the-art operation theatre designed to minimize risk of post-operative infections. Our hospital is designed in large and spacious place that provides a high quality patient care and ambience environment for the health and rehabilitation of the ophthalmic patients.
We believe in fulfilling our duties towards our community and with our dedicated and compassionate staff, we strive to provide best medical facilities for the needy and underprivileged. Our services are well extended to rural areas and we regularly organize medical camps to spread awareness about eye health along with free treatments and consultations.

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